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Luxury Doors

Luxury Doors in pakistan
Luxury Engineered Door

Finest Italian Kitchen designed and manufactured by Ernestomeda

Luxury Doors
About This Project

The Chughtaiz engineered wood door is constructed by bonding several layers of solid hardboard and a top-quality natural wood veneer. The result is a composite, solid core that offers exceptional strength, stability and durability. The surface is coated with a smooth finish which gives your doors a look and feels like real wood.

Our engineered wood door is a great design solution for that special project and can be used to achieve the look of real wood at a fraction of the cost. it comprises several layers of quality veneer pressed together to form one solid core. The smooth surface, which replicates the appearance of high-end solid wood doors, is water-repellent, scratch resistant and easy to clean. So whether it’s for your home or business, there is no substitute for style and exquisite quality – Chughtaiz delivers on both counts!